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Last November 25, 2023, the National Federation of Transport Cooperatives (NFTC), Nueva Segovia Consortium of Cooperatives (NSCC), COOP NATCCO Party-list (CNPL), and Philippine Cooperative Center (PCC) held the 3rd National Transport Congress. The theme of the congress was “Modernisasyon ng Pampublikong Transportasyon, Kooperatiba ang Tugon.” It took place at the Nueva Segovia Consortium Cooperatives (NSCC) Plaza in Caoayan, Ilocos Sur. NSCC Chairperson Fidel Gines opened the event, which was attended by 337 delegates, consisting of transport cooperative leaders from 107 cooperatives.

Mayor Jeremias Singson (through a representative) and former Mayor, former Governor, and Cooperative supporter Luis “Chavit” Singson expressed their solidarity and shared messages of support for the transport sector. Mr. Robert Cang of NFTC, Ms. Filipina H. Porio from CDA-Region I, and Chairperson Jesus Ferdinand Ortega of Office of Transport Cooperatives also shared their solidarity messages.

Hon. Felimon Espares of COOP NATCCO Party list presented their current authored bills supporting the PUVMP and emphasized the importance of a just transition for the modernization program. He highlighted House Bill 9061, which aims to institutionalize the Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program and appropriate funds for its implementation. Hon. Espares also called for support for a tandem bill in the Senate, Senate Bill 105, which aims to provide a just and humane Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program, with transitory assistance and services rendered to PUV drivers, operators, and stakeholders, and appropriate funds for its implementation, authored by Senator Grace Poe.

LTFRB Technical Consultant Joel Bolano provided updates regarding the PUVMP consolidation timeline and statistics, including the percentage of consolidated areas. The country currently has a consolidation rate of 65.7% (total of PUJ, UVE, Minibus, and PUB). While most regions have achieved a consolidation rate of 50% or above, NCR remains at a 25% consolidation rate. Despite progress, there are still issues in areas without a complete route rationalization plan.

During the open forum, the main question raised was whether there would be a consolidation extension after December 31, 2023. OTC Chairperson Ortega assured the delegates that there were fewer political reasons for an extension but called for vigilance among the transport cooperative sector.

At the end of the congress, NSCC CEO and PCC Chairperson Divina Quemi, along with NFTC Vice-President Robert Cang, announced two resolutions approved by the leaders and delegates of the national congress:


Resolution #1: Transport Cooperative’s resolution expressing full support to the Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP) of the current administration including the consolidation process for PUVMP; and support to House Bill 9061 of Representative Felimon Espares, institutionalizing the PUVMP, and Senate Bill 105 of Senator Grace Poe providing for a just and humane PUVMP.

Resolution #2: 3rd National Transport Congress Resolutions: 2023 Ways Forward

 To Call for a 20% subsidy to vehicle purchasing cost NOW, need not wait for the law.

  • To Call onto OTC Chair Jesus Ferdinand D. Ortega to propose a joint Memorandum Circular for DOTr and DILG to force the issue for LGUs to come up with a deadline for the route rationalization plan.
  • To Call on the Government Financing Institutions to waive interest during the pandemic.
  • To call for support and assistance on the training, education, and innovation of management of transport cooperatives.
  • To call for LTFRB and other relevant government agencies to address immediately the colorums and intra-provincial buses that compete with local public transport.
  • To call for CDA to implement MC 2012-21, regarding dissolution, liquidation, cancellation, and delisting of cooperatives, especially erring non-modernising transport cooperatives that are inactive for two consecutive years.



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