PRESS RELEASE: National Women’s Month 2024
March 1, 2024

Labor Day Commemoration

Cooperatives and the Labor Sector

The Philippine Cooperative Center joins the labor sector in this year’s commemoration of Labor Day.

The history of cooperatives is mutually intertwined with the labor sector. The first cooperatives formed during the industrial revolution were established and owned by the laborers of factories in an effort to protect the rights and livelihoods of workers amidst the unprecedented mechanization of industries.

PCC believes that developing progressive workers’ rights is the key to the development of our country. Among other measures, ensuring a living wage, secure employment, and sustainable labor options are crucial in empowering our labor sector.

The cooperative and labor sectors are both advocating for worker-friendly policies and legislation. Both sectors pursue the mutual goals of better employment, social inclusion, sustainability, security of tenure, and equality. At the heart of these sectors is the promotion of a system that empowers our workers, laborers, and consumers. Together, a labor-friendly cooperative enterprise should provide an alternative to the extremely profit-driven mainstream model of corporate enterprising that is detrimental to the socio-economic health of our workers.

Our society is at a crux.

The scars brought by the pandemic, declining job quality, economic slowdown and turmoil, rise of AI technology, modernization of our transport sector, and even the rapid negative changes in our environment affect the quality of life of our workers. As such, there is an increasing call for the protection and improvement of the rights of the labor sector.

PCC stands in solidarity with our labor sector.

Let us all recognize and fight for the rights of our workers – from the formal, informal, contractual, and OFWs. The cooperative sector stands with our grassroots and skilled workers, daily laborers, drivers, healthcare workers, teachers, cooperative staff, professionals, freelancers, and all workers who drive the development of our nation.


Ray John Paul A. Santiago


Almira Cheska Guinto-Garais


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